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Synth Single Review: "Wolf Squadron" by Ionstar

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Ionstar’s Wolf Squadron surges with harsh waves of power, rumbling bass sounds and melodic patterns of tightly woven notes that burst though the burly darkness of the track. A deep, growing pulse of dark bass and huge drums drive over edgy, shadowed synth oscillations.

A metallic clanking sound joins battering drums that hit hard over the lacerating bass pulse. Quickly throbbing patterns of dark notes, hollow and distorted, cascade into a waving throb of sound as the bass guitar adds a unique string quality.

An elevated, dramatic synth melody moves above the charging aggression of the electric guitar and the relentless drive of the beat. The shifting bass washes into a rapid, hollow pattern of quickly moving minor notes imbued with tension.

The track simplifies into the gnarly bass guitar line and a clash of metallic noises. The drums slap back into the music with a synth reminiscent of distant voices over the top of the beat.

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