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Synth Single Review: "With You" by eLxAr & Neaon

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eLxAr & Neaon’s With You is a song about a special, unique connection between two people. The song opens with shivering, flickering synth sound, a rapidly pulsing bass oscillation and falling rain. Rich, deep guitar moves in as N’s voice breathily expresses lyrical emotion as the steady throb goes on.

The vocal melody is filmy and fragile, but still yearning for better as the throbbing pulse of drums and bass goes on. The trembling, medium high synth adds greater emotional depth as arpeggiating synth ripples circle around it. The emotive gentleness of Neaon’s voice deepens the feeling in the words.

Steady synth throb and a bass pulse shape the music while the rain falls and the subtle, caressing vocal melody moves. A segment with flowing synths adds a laid-back, gliding feeling in the music. Synth ripples slip out over the soft rain and the swirling musical background into quiet.

The storyteller says that she and the song’s subject are “like one” as they move alongside each other. She says that they “make a heaven” and that in their hearts they “move like water” as they dance together forever.

The narrator says that she didn’t realize that things could be “so right” when they’re together. She points out that it’s like “magic raining down.” Our narrator adds that “no matter what” the world might do “when the rain falls down” she still wants to be with the song's subject.

Our storyteller admits that she didn’t believe that she'd find another person. She says that she “closed her heart and took shelter.” However with the song’s subject she concludes that “I see tomorrow and in our hearts we don't have to hide.”

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