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Synth Single Review: "Wistful Skies" by Saros-FM

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Saros-FM’s Wistful Skies is dense with melancholy emotion and delicate sound, shaped by throbbing drums and bass. Distant, open-voiced synths fall gently through space, forming arpeggios that glide along with a bright shine. Softer, sadder synths flicker above the arpeggios and the solid drumbeat adds some form to the music. Rapid waves of dense, tumbling synth arpeggios fall and the drums throb steadily. A melody full of dreaming hope sings out while ethereal, misty sounds converge around it.

The bass is full and the drum heartbeat adds motion. Glittering synths sparkle over the waves of active sound that ripple through the track as the melody is full of wistful warmth. Broad, flaring synths flower into open space along with the drumbeat’s steady metallic tick. The wide-sounding synths carry notes that hurt and dream as the rippling waves of lower sound wash through, supporting the delicate melody as it trembles and yearns. Swirling, pained synths rise in clouds over the shaping influence of the drums before the track ends.

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