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Synth Single Review: "When It All Falls Apart" by Peacecraft & A New Hope

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Peacecraft and A New Hope’s When It All Falls Apart is permeated with shadows and loss, a reminder that we all struggle in this world. Harsh, crackling sound opens to a gargantuan wall of rumbling bass that is split by sweeping air and powerful, dense synth chords. The voice over moves above the glowing, melancholy melody that wanders through against the heavy weight below it. Snare drums burst in and match the oscillating bright synth that spins into the track.

The beat accelerates into a drum and bass surge that pulsates below elevated, crystal sparkles of sound. The open, nasal pulse flows out over immense depth and energy, floating into a delicately chiming, hollow synth melody that is fragile over the muscle of the bass under it. The power begins to build again under the shimmering ache of the chimes before the music leaps forward. A half time beat underpins the gritty oscillation flowing into ethereal space as the melody fades away.

The narrator talks about the desperation that fills the air as a “crowd of people gather anywhere.” We are told we’re “entering the simulation, your consciousness will be turned off.” He adds that he remembers that its “so hard when you’re alone anywhere.” In the time before it “all fell apart” he says “you could feel it” and adds that it was also when he said goodbye.

In bleak tones, he talks about how he’s heard mankind called “the bastard of the ages, the unwanted mistake” which leads him to ask why we’re here at all. He talks about how “time beckons us all” with a “last step into infinite.” He adds, “One more day, one more week. We all fall, one way or another.”

Our narrator is forced to admit “that place I long for, it does not exist.” Again he asks why are we here? In reply, he repeats the fact that “we all fall, one way or another” but ends in a strong admonishment to “get up!” anyways.

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