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Synth Single Review: "Welcome To Station 12" by Magnum Steele

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Magnum Steele’s Welcome To Station 12 is full of a plethora of synth sounds that create a complex atmosphere mixing melancholy and hope along with an underlying current of gruff bass provides a contrast to the wistful qualities of the other musical elements.

A steady pulse of deep, oscillating synth flows out into the track in a continuous wave as the drums start with subtlety before growing into a solid, pounding beat. An exhalation of flowing, sweeping synth sounds glows into the track in soft tides. The lead synth has a sharp quality to it as it carries the reaching, yearning melody over the waves of sound below it.

The whole track dreams and aches, imbued with a melancholy beauty as the lead synth melody delicately moves. There’s a slight roughness to the oscillating bass that contrasts with the hopeful melody that climbs in sad notes. There’s a more triumphant feeling to the melody as the track closes out.

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