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Synth Single Review: "We Are The Dreamers" by Elevate The Sky, Michael Oakley and Guests

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Elevate the Sky’s We Are The Dreamers is full of hopeful, positive emotion and passionate performances. Gigantic bass wells up as bright piano notes flicker and huge retro drums join in as the bass oscillates. Michael Oakley’s deeply expressive voice carries the uplifting, aching vocal melody above smooth drums and undulating bass.

Glimmering chimes add shine to the song. Michael Oakley’s voice surges with passion and strength above the driving low end as light flashes out. Positivity, hope and energy leap out from the mingled choral voices as the melody explodes with joyful life. Elevate The Sky’s guitar charges with yearning energy as starry synths glitter. The vocals are full of feeling, powerful and compelling.

The chorus flies in again, blowing away the darkness of a mundane life. Chimes twinkle as the dynamic drumbeat and pulsing bass push the track on. llia Skibinsky’s sax solo is jazzy, full of reedy warmth and impassioned emotion that mingles with the chorus of joyful voices. Chimes shine with crystalline illumination as drums and bass propel the music. The chorus lifts in exultant emotion as the song pulses on to a conclusion and the sax cries out once more.

In “arcade nights” escape was reality for the narrator and his companion. In “summer dreamin’ at the mall” they found their destinies. In the midst of it all, they “loved…hurt and…fought to be heard.” Our storyteller talks about their dreams being broken "with your heart on the floor.” Their escape was to go "“far away from the world” just getting lost in your car. There were also endless days and nights “reaching for the stars.”

As the chorus rings out, the narrator talks about how one night “could change forever” as they drive far away from the world. He calls for both of them not to let their chance go because “we are the dreamers.” He adds that the night could last forever and let one “escape from all your fears."

Nostalgia unfolds as everything is “etched in memory” as if it was just yesterday. Our storyteller talks about the way in which life continues “but time stands still when you’re with me.” Despite the heartaches, he talks about escaping and getting “lost in a song” during endless days and nights “searching to belong.”

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As the song finishes, the narrator talks about how the night will change forever as they “reach up to the sky” and he urges himself and the other person not to let this chance go.

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