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Synth Single Review: "Wasted Love" by Lavalette

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Lavalette’s Wasted Love single begins with bright, slightly dissonant pulses of mechanical-sounding synth that reverberate through the song. There are higher flashes of bright synth cutting in through the open hollow space around them. As the beat kicks in, hitting solidly, Sophia Sorrentino’s expressive voice also moves in. The beat moves under her strong singing and the synths soar to double her voice every time there’s a crescendo.

The synth arpeggio spins out with rather metallic notes and the occasional broken segment that suits the breaking up of Sophia Sorrentino’s voice into shorter segments. The drums drive on and the flickering bright synths arpeggiate under the expressive, poppy vocals. There’s a nice contrast between the smoother more flowing sections and the shorter and choppier segments as well.

The lyrics ache as the narrator is “looking for an answer to soothe my soul.” Her memory drifts back as she says “these are the nights we remember” before expressing loss and a sense of fatalism. She explains, “I don't know I don't know just where I'm going, I don't care where I end up and I don't need to” because the subject of the song promised that they’d never leave her. There’s pain as she cries out, “You deceived me, nearly broke me, looking for an answer.”

She is unsure of where things went wrong but there’s a flash of anger as she says, “I don't care what you did wrong, and I don't need to ‘cause you finally did me wrong” and there are no more second chances.

Our narrator had lost her way, having spent so long on the song’s subject, but now she’s back. She is defiant as she says she is not afraid and affirms it with “I am alive.” The reply from the subject curt and cold as they say, “OK I think I've heard enough and I don't love you any longer, now go get yourself lost.”

Her reply is equally terse, “Sorry to say, heard it for the last time, now gonna get mine!” She adds that it is time to move on and take a chance. She also says, “ Take a chance and you'll find out just what I know, but what I know you'll never hear ‘cause I don't need you.” Her conclusion is that she’s “going back to taking chances” and reminds us to “listen when I say it's my way.”

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