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Synth Single Review: "Waiting" by Superdrift and Maisie May

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Superdrift’s Waiting explores the struggles of trying to keep a relationship going through energetic synths and Maisie May’s effortless vocals. Gigantic percussion throbs and slabs of deep bass double that percussive pulsation as the song starts.

Leaping, glimmering synths flash around Maisie May’s breathy, warm and expressive voice as it carries an easy-going vocal melody. Quick bursts of sharp-edged synth dance in while the beat throbs along. The vocals rise airily above the solid beat and shining synths burst in over the gently flowing vocal melody.

The music's shine contrasts with the emotion in the lyrics. Digitally sparkling synth glitters above the caressing vocals and the deep bass and big drums keep pulsing underneath it all. Harder-edged synth cuts in angular lines and again Maisie May’s effortless voice rises and shines out over the music while flashing, round synths dance and it all fades.

Our narrator addresses the song’s subject and points out that “you said to make it out alive but never mentioned the hard part.” She adds that there were “no good intentions” that night and adds that “the feeling that you’re leaving” has her asking why.

She wonders if it makes sense or if it makes her “hate all the ways you renegotiate.” The narrator points out that she’s struggling to save the other person because “you’re too afraid (of) all the days you always get away (with).”

Our narrator feels that she’s “already wasting all my time” and she’s sick of trying to persuade the other person about the good aspects of the relationship. She wonders if the relationship will ever be theirs or “will I sit here waiting til the end of time?”

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She continues asking how long she’ll have to wait and adds that she’s “doing too much persuading.” The narrator concludes, “One step forward, two steps back. Do I love the thrill of that?”

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