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Synth Single Review: "WANNABE" by Francci

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Francci’s WANNABE explores the narrator’s feelings of loss and yearning for another person. After huge retro drums flourish quickly, a steady percussive heartbeat is established. Razor-edged, dynamic synth bursts out in quickly cutting lines. Francci’s vocals radiate emotional expression as angular, tech-y synths slice cleanly into the music.

Sharp synths groove smoothly and drive on. The vocal melody is lively and propulsive while funky guitar cuts in between the pulsating drums and bass. The groove is undeniable as Francci’s voice mingles passion and energy. As the other elements fade, his voice echoes out into openness along with a solid bass pulse.

Quick, hard-edged synth flickers through again. The jumping drumbeat, grooving guitar and melodic dynamism all interlink. Now the drums kick, flaring synth dances and the drums burst as passion fills the vocal melody and the guitar pops and slaps.

Our narrator talks about how each time he sees himself “losing the game” he tries to hide the fact that he doesn’t feel crazy. It is just another thing that he wants to rename because the other person’s absence makes him feel like he wants to be “something more than madness.” Our storyteller goes on to say that he can’t forget his past because “I don't think you can really fix me.”

He says that he wants to be a new person who can “breathe in the middle of this sea” because at the moment he is drowning slowly. He says that every step that he takes out, he gets lost and his “mind falls into pieces.”He adds that he just wants to feel the other person.

Our storyteller goes on to say that he can’t change what the other person means to him. He adds that “only with your help I see.” He tells the other person that he won’t let them down if they hold him.

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He just wants to see the other person’s face “shining again” because it’s “always enough to make me forget my name.” He asks the other person to bring back to them and not to lose the chance. He concludes that “you will hear me call your name.”

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