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Synth Single Review: "Video Game Hero" by Vinyl Glitchy

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Artwork for the single, "Video Game Hero," by Vinyl Glitchy

Artwork for the single, "Video Game Hero," by Vinyl Glitchy

Nostalgia in and of itself can be enough to draw people to music, but for me there needs to be some substance there as well. Vinyl Glitchy’s "Video Game Hero" single is an example of how musical substance can be combined with an appeal to nostalgia in a rather enjoyable way.

"Video Game Hero" has a wandering, dancing chiptune melody and a floating synth background full of warmth and wide open air. It has a grace to it and the overall atmosphere caresses the ears as that flickering, moving melody dances. I enjoy the way the chip elements sound and they blended well with the more airy background. Part of my love of chip sounds is nostalgic but another part is the sharp clarity they possess. There’s also a certain sense of innocence to this track which I appreciate.

The second section moves into a deeper, warmer synth line before the chiptune element reasserts itself. It has an improvisational quality to it but also a delicacy. Now we break into that gentle flow before a solid drumbeat finds its way into the track. It adds more structure underneath that wandering lead.

The positive sensations that pour from the music reinforces the idea of a triumphant video game hero. There’s a nice sparkle to all of the sonic elements and the way in which all the parts act together produces a pleasing feeling of cohesion in the track. As Video Game Hero comes to an end, it sings smoothly and spreads ripples of warm synth sound through the whole track.

Video Game Hero made me think of hope and simplicity, of the pleasures that we’ve lost as we grow up. I feel like maybe, just maybe I might still be the hero of my own story when I hear this track, no matter how distant that reality actually is. The world today is one that’s short of hope, so finding a little is wonderful.

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