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Synth Single Review: "Victorious" by Francci (feat. Anton Vic)

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Single artwork for "Victorious" by Francci (feat. Anton Vic)

Single artwork for "Victorious" by Francci (feat. Anton Vic)

Francci is a talented Brazilian electronic music producer. His latest single, “Victorious,” features an equally talented vocalist/lyricist in the form of Anton Vic. This is a song about fighting against heavy odds and continuing to struggle, no matter the obstacles that stand in the way.

The sound palette that Francci uses on this album is dominated by pulsing waves of synth and bass anchored by hard-hitting drums that throb through the music. I like the way the hard-hitting sounds are combined with the synth flow on Victorious. The howling, growling guitar solo that cuts into the track was also an element that I truly enjoyed.

Anton Vic’s voice is emotive and strong, easily carrying over the other musical elements to deliver the vocals with strength and conviction. I was impressed by how much feeling he was able to work into the words with his singing abilities. His voice really gave Victorious the extra edge that it needed. On top of this, he was the songwriter and crafted the well-done lyrics.

This is a song about fighting against heavy odds and still persevering. Anton Vic’s emotive voice is powerful as he sings, “I've lost the battle/Didn't have much to fight with/I won't give up.” There’s a defiance in lyrics like, “They thought I was done/When they buried me down/I'm diggin’ my way out, out out of this town.”

That message of fighting and never giving up continues with, “Found happiness through the pain/Got fire in my veins/Destiny gives my way” and continues in the chorus of “We won't walk away/Cause we don't want the same/We don't feel pain.”

As the song progresses the message becomes that people standing together can be victorious and that one has to stand with a side and that side has to stand with them in the middle of battles that are being fought.

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Victorious combines strong musical elements with lyrics that have a message to impart and Anton Vic’s first-rate voice is able to stand alongside his lyrics and Francci's music to get that message across loud and clear.

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