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Synth Single Review: "Uprising" by Aeronexus and Tim Capello

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.

Artwork by Frank Aguilar

Artwork by Frank Aguilar

Aeronexus and Tim Capello’s Uprising surges with irrepressible energy and unquestionable power. Slowly descending, dark bass blocks move with brightness flaring behind them as the guttural, gritty voice of Tim Capello’s sax cuts into the track.

Capello’s playing style has unique power as he solos in a wildly rampant style. The urgent drums, massive and dense with energy, drive Aeronexus’ soaring, jubilant synth melody. There’s a hard-hitting drum fill and richly detailed synth chords move in a powerful line. All of the elements of this track are tied together by King Stephen’s mixing and mastering skill.

Tim Capello’s sax surges forward in a muscle-bound, reedy rush. Drums throb over gruff bass and little ornaments of ticking percussion and popping synth slip in and through the music. The melody is imbued with a feeling of forceful victory as its carried by the glimmering, medium-high, smooth synth.

Light pours from the climbing melody before softly buzzing chords support the growling sax as it rips into the track, oozing with passionate emotion. The music is imbued with tidal energy and undeniable motion as Aeronexus’ synths extend in a line of reaching energy before fading out on the sax’s strong voice.

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