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Synth Single Review: "Ugly Heart (feat. Huong Su)" by Man From Space

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Man From Space’s single Ugly Heart (feat. Huong Su) is a plea for people to respect for each other’s views and to let others live their lives. It begins with deep, solid drums with an energetic beat are joined by a shiny computerized lead that has a warmth to it. Huong Su’s voice is full of poppy energy and a feeling of expression as it moves out over the steady beat. There are synth sparkles flying through the song under the ear-catching vocal melody.

A swirling, shining synth landscape builds with the technological-sounding lead flickering out as ornaments of glowing light move in and through the music. There’s a strumming guitar part along with the synth light before the big drums make themselves heard and the beat starts again. The glowing lead sings out again in a shifting pattern of dancing sound over the beats and bass.

The song’s narrator has had enough with being told what to do. She begins by saying, “I’m leading my life the way I want it to be. I’m only asking for you to do exactly the same.” She goes on to say that she doesn’t appreciate unsolicited opinions and asks, “I’m hurting no one, so why do you care?”

The chorus questions the idea of having to constantly conform in the line, “Be a good this, be a good that, be a good something for these people that mean nothing to me.” Our narrator adds that it’s her life and “I don’t care what you think of it. Please just leave me alone.”

Her sense of indignation pours out of the words, “So mind your business, please go and bother someone else and please don’t dare to say you know my life better than me.”

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The narrator points out, “It doesn’t matter that it hurts no one. It doesn’t matter you don’t know these people” or that the life of those who criticize is exactly the same because, “you have to forbid, you have to degrade.” There’s still a desire for those who judge to put everyone in a “tiny box.”

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