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Synth Single Review: "Trick Of The Light" by Color Theory

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Color Theory’s Trick Of The Light is about that one person in life for whom we felt deep emotion and who still haunts our memories. The single also includes several unique remixes and an instrumental only version.

“Trick Of The Light” commences with massive bass and hollow, open-voiced synths echoing out in a twangy line that embodies warmth as the drums create an easily gliding, but solid pulse underneath. Brian Hazard’s pained, expressive and melancholy voice carries the shadowed lyrics in a melody that exudes sadness and loss.

The chorus has a wistful warmth to it as the hollow synths move in an aching line while the drums shape the music. Brian Hazard’s vocals add more deep emotion to an already expressive song. A piano dances in, carrying a melody that hurts but keeps on moving.

Brian Hazard’s voice has depth in it as it carries the emotive lyrics over the steady drumbeat and rich bass. The chorus provides contrasting gentleness and glow as the song throbs on and the vocals soar. The piano’s dynamic, tragic melody carries out as a quick arpeggio ripples and dark bass fades.

Our narrator talks about forgetting that person for "months and moments” to the point that he wants to scream that he doesn’t love that person any more. On late night drives, however, he still “scan(s) the side streets for signs of you.” In the chorus, our storyteller says that he can’t “leave it alone to think that you were right.”

He still feels like the other person is there “in the corner of my eye.” It’s like something on the tip of one’s tongue or a “trick of the light.” The narrator adds that “this expectation Is my creation” and realizes that it’s unhealthy to dwell on the hallucination of “the sharp sensation of hungering for something different.”

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Fragile, shimmering piano notes and a repeating, open sounding synth pulse circles to open the “Francesca e Luigi Mix.” Tense, elevated synth flickers as Brian Hazard’s shaded vocals come in. Bass rebounds and soft tapping sounds guide the music as the medium-high synths cascade.

As the warm and tragic chorus comes in, gigantic bass and powerful drums add weight and motion. Synth chords surge and the battering weight of the beat shapes the song. Bouncing, flashing synth notes add diamond light to the music and the drums resonate.

Brian Hazard’s pained vocals mingle their shadows with the drumbeat and bass pulse. The chorus climbs, smoothly flowing notes cascading into intense brightness. Hard-edged notes leap with energy before we fade on soft piano notes.

Slowly growing, darkly trembling notes bring the “MAIN Mix” into being. The tremulous notes match with Brian Hazard’s sadness-filled vocals to adde a lugubrious quality. Sweeping strings swell with resonant warmth alongside Brian Hazard’s climbing vocals, giving the music mournful majesty.

Strings drive in dynamic lines, yearning and flickering out in richly trembling motion. The string section shimmers and vibrates before gigantic drums thunder. Strings rise in glittering clouds out over the rumbling depths below.

Brian Hazard’s voice is supported by the flying strings, sailing out in dynamic motion. Huge drums pound as a choir chants, all of the musical elements growing in power. Delicate strings shimmer with the lost vocals as the song ends.

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