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Synth Single Review: "Together" by Fonz Tramontano & Star Madman


Fonz Tramontano and Star Madman's Together captures a yearning for powerful love. Elevated, flickering notes shine softly and oscillating, angular bass drives on. Chiming, elevated synth glows out in a tender melody as punchy drums are punctuated by tom hits.

Now Star Madman’s dynamic voice leaps into the track with retro energy above the pulsating beat as glittering notes flash. Hollow, shining synth floats behind Star Madman’s heartfelt and emotive vocals as drums urge the music on. Elevated synth chimes carry the caressing melody and the vocals are cut by trumpeting synth.

Open-voiced, cosmic notes flow and the drum and bass undulation pushes the music forward. Steel drum notes add a fun touch as they splash in and spin out a lively melodic pattern. Above it all, Star Madman’s voice is full of hope and joy as the drums and bass press on.

The storyteller opens by saying that nothing’s been confused and “what happens must be done.” She adds that she has no illusions that she and the song’s subject could have fun together. She asks if the other person will see her point of view.

Our narrator points out that “all my life I’ve been waiting for you to come my way” and adds that they don’t know where they’ll be tomorrow. She wants to hear the other person say that they’ll stay because “‘fore too long you will be too far away.”

She goes on to say that possession is 9/10ths of the law adding that the other person has been her obsession and “I can’t help but want it all.’ The storyteller asks if the other person feels the same way and wonders if she can see them again.”

Now the narrator points out that she’s been looking out for the other person’s arrival. Now that she’s found them, she says “please say you’ll have.” She ask if they’ll stay the night with her and adds, “I know we both could be so happy together.”

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As the song concludes, the storyteller says she feels so alive when the other person loves her. She feels lucky to have their attention and she says “I can’t wait ‘til our hearts collide, let’s start building our new invention together.”

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