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Synth Single Review: "Through Space and Time" by The San Junipero Experience

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The San Junipero Experience’s Through Space and Time mixes intriguing lyrics with a strong vocal performance and a ear-catching melody. A bouncing, powerful guitar calls out over the static shiver in the background as the big drums hit. The drum beat rapidly launches and bursts of leaping guitar slice into the song. Balazs Specker’s vocals are energetic and expressive over the wheeling guitar and quick beat.

The chorus moves in a slower, uplifting line that is touched by bright chimes that flutter in. Barry Parmet’s sax leaps in to add an emotive and reedy sound to the song before Balazs Specker’s electric guitar bursts in. The sax adds depth over the power of the charging guitar, as Barry Parmet solos in a cascading arc over the steady weight of the drums. The vocals intertwine, the sax howls and the beat pushes onward. The sax is strong and full of feeling while the vocals are equally emotive and full of strength.

This is a song about seeking escape from a mundane life into a second (virtual) reality. The narrator starts by saying that he’s trying to find a space for himself as he is “cruising - through space and time, seeking - for the never lived past life.” All he wants is to find the “exit sign” in order to fall into a better life. He talks of “holding onto the Neverland I’ve never been to.”

The narrator seems to be looking back to the best days of his life as he adds, “I must have idealized all the daydreams that I went through in my mind, back in my summer of ’69.” Something has gone wrong though because he talks about how “memories play tricks on me all the time.”

He finds himself driving in the “memory lane I set” and “boosting to hyperspace of time.” Even though he’s taken a “turn in the wrong direction” he accepts it because his “second reality” is unfolding as he creates it in his mind. He ends by stating that “the world of San Junipero will be with me.”

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