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Synth Single Review: "Thing For You" by Bunny X & Oblique

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Bunny X & Oblique’s Thing For You explores deep love tinged with uncertainty. Lightly distorted, classic retro drums are joined by a reedy sax sound that moves in hazy waves as Oblique’s backing music flows. Bunny X’s vocals carry an aching, dreamy melody in their richly dulcet tones. A throbbing bass oscillation adds shape and the drums guide the music. Bunny X’s vocals are caressing and hopeful, mingling wistful emotion and passion.

Flashing synth bursts and sax fragments ring out to add luscious texture to the song. Layered sonic snippets wrap around each other, feeling tentative and energized at the same time. The drums and bass pulse on below the warming, emotive vocals while interwoven, glowing synths glide mistily past. Pained emotion is mixed with undeniable affection in the vocal melody while flowing synth sounds are guided by strong percussion.

Our narrator speaks about how, when she met the song’s subject for the first time, “a door was opened in my mind.” She bets that the other person didn’t even realize it. The narrator has come to understand that the other person “changed me forever, right or wrong” and she’d be different going forward. She points out that she’d “felt this way for so long” and wonders if the other person meant what they said “more or less.”

Now the storyteller admits that “I’ve got a thing for you” and questions whether or not she’s imagining it. She wonders if she has to confess because “you know this is nothing new.” Our storyteller talks about drawing a circle as “we anchor to the earth.” She says they are “in a golden spiral” and asks the other person to stay with her in it.

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