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Synth Single Review: "The World" by Thought Beings

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Thought Beings’ The World combines energy, lyrical expression and strong vocal performances with engaging retro synth sounds. Slowly swelling warmth opens the song as deep piano notes move. A clanking, bouncing synth pattern and jumping massive drums leap in and then Thought Beings’ two vocalists trade lines. The female vocalist has an energetic, engaging singing style and the male vocalist has a shaded voice that contrasts nicely with his counterpart’s singing.

The vocals intertwine and soar while the dynamic melodic line moves in angular motion. The clanging, metallic sounds shift and the vocals dance out in a bright line over the drumbeat’s driving energy. The song moves into a delicate, worshipful segment before the uplifting vocal melody jumps in again. The sharp, catchy synth line pops through and we song comes to a close with big retro drums and factory noise.

Our storyteller opens the song but asking the song’s subject if that person remembers “when they told us; we would amount to nothing” or when they were warned that “only a few are chosen.” The storyteller can’t remember “why I should leave a good dream behind.” The narrator adds “(I) didn’t listen at all” and feels that “I’d have took the leap so I can find…”

However, they’ve persevered and now the storyteller points out that they’re now “high above the ground” and adds “I can see the world from here.” Our narrator asks again if the other person remembers what “they” told them about how “we could believe in something.” The storyteller asks if the song’s other character remembers the warning that “the end of the world is coming.”

After the chorus repeats, the narrator concludes “now the world and I aren’t even touching.”

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