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Synth Single Review: "The Wave Is Coming" by Life Patterns


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Life Patterns’ The Wave Is Coming is a track in which swirls of darkness meet crystalline shimmer and tension contrasts with gentle waves of drifting sound. As the track begins, piercing, high synth sounds with a crystal sparkle move over a seething growl of dark, edgy bass and firmly pounding drums. Nervous arpeggios with a shadowy, threatened feel spin above the twisting dark weight underneath them, supported by rough edged, guttural bass.

A synth with the razor-edged glitter of cut glass is lifted above full, round sounds growing in gentle waves. A distorted, computerized synth plays threatened sounding notes.and thick, intertwined chords move over the gruff depths below them. Tense arpeggios whirl over a wall of tight sound and the bass darkness rises as drifting notes shift.The track surfs on waves of intermingled light and darkness. There’s a feeling of deep contrast that permeates the music and animates it.

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