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Synth Single Review: "The Wasp" by Last Survivor

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Last Survivor’s "The Wasp" is a song of wild abandon and intense energy. It begins as a broken drum and bass rhythm moves into the music with thunderous power as the vocalist chants the lyrics as a tightly wound sound cascades into glittering, descending metallic chimes. The propulsion of the drum and bass throb is surging as a medium-low, trembling synth vibrates and after a quick drum fill, the massive power of the beat surges with a muscled flow.

There's a gruff energy in Mick McCallion's chanting as hollow, bright pipes sing an uplifting melodic pattern over the relentless beat’s battering. The pipes are clean and clear, airily energizing. Cara Molloy’s vocals come in with passionate expression and the beat has become a softer tap, but after a drum fill the drum and bass rhythm jumps and the pipes call out with lively energy and the chimes cascade down again as we break off.

Our narrator talks about a powerful sound “pumping in my veins” and in his brain. When he feels it, he begins to “levitate…my mind begins to elevate.” The narrator goes on to say that he can feel the floor rising as he’s “taking off.”

The intensity of that sound makes his mind “decimate, crumble down and devastate.” He says that he can feel “the floor collapsing, falling down” as he is “breaking up.” Our storyteller talks about how alive he feels and how he’ll “lose all control, free my mind and soul.”

Slowly pulsating bass throbs in the background as "Space (The Love Theme)" begins. The bass gains power and weight as it flows out steadily and a distant voice chants into the music. Warm, flowing synths grow outward as the vocal chant continues. Bass drops and ethereal sounds float before the gigantic drumbeat guides the music.

The chant is hypnotic and it fades as fragile synths carry a melody full of soothing ease. The melody moves onto round-sounding, string-like synths that glide with consummate ease. After a drum fill, a vocal sample calls out with passion and soul, accompanied by an airy and tranquil synth stream.

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The powerful drums drop away as we move into a soundscape touched by full synth as the impassioned vocals fill the musical space. The drums pulse smoothly again as starlit synths glide. The beat shapes the music before broad, piano-like synth notes dream and the bass winds away into silence.

This release also includes the extended mix of The Wasp on it.

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