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Synth Single Review: "The Storm" by eLxAr


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eLxAr’s single “The Storm” is a cosmically flowing, melancholy feeling slice of synth music. It opens with distant, steady waves of synth that flow around a spinning, shifting string- like arpeggio. The arpeggio dances out over the evenly moving percussion as a high synth that sounds like a delicate piano sings out a gently caressing melody that sparkles and flickers lightly over the steady beat and spinning arpeggios. The melody is full of dreamy, aching emotion as a slightly distorted vocal sample echoes into the track.

The soothing melody keeps dancing over the throbbing beat that shapes the music along with the continually pulsing arpeggios and bass. All the sonic elements glide along before fading into a delicate, leaping solo carried on a synth with a nasal, full voice. The solo has a choppier feeling as it moves in short bursts, skipping over the steady pulse of beat and bass. The elevated, feather light piano returns as air keeps flowing in and through the music before it fades out.

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