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Synth Single Review: "The Station" by Eric C. Powell & Andrea Powell

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Eric C. Powell’s The Station is a song about love and absence. It begins as rapidly throbbing, pulsing bass and a broad, shining synth with an angular feeling burst in. Eric C. Powell and Andrea Powell mingle their strong, expressive voices and the gentle, melancholy vocal melody unfolds. Solid drums throb, bass oscillates far below and the song moves forward.

Both vocalists imbue the music with rich emotion as the bursting synth energy flashes, flowing into a sweeping melody that is uplifting and caressing. The throbbing drum and bass pulsation moves again as rain falls behind the emotive vocals and the touching lyrics. Dynamic synths carrying surging energy as the song ends.

Our two narrators exchange verses. He starts out by saying that as he’s waiting at the station “I see you, I don't know what to say.” She says, as they stand in the falling rain, that “there's the last call, you know I cannot stay.” Together they express their love for one another and both say “never forget you.” They know that “this is the last time I will hold you” and they realize that it couldn’t last.

Our male narrator asks her if she remembers that “we promised we would cherish every single day” to which the female narrator replies that she sees “the lie now in our eyes” that they could “go our separate ways.” He wonders if “there’s any other way” and as her tears fall “in the downpour” she says that they can’t throw it all away.”

Once again, they talk about how each is the other's true love and they’ll never forget each other. There’s more hope now as they say that “it's not the last time I will hold you. We need to make this last!” As the song ends, they repeat “We need to make it last. We will make it last.”

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