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Synth Single Review: "The Spy Who Raised Me" by Non Stop Erotic Cabaret


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Non Stop Erotic Cabaret’s The Spy Who Raised Me is full of shimmering, ice cold synth sounds and tells the tale of a son finally discovering the deep secret that his father was concealing from him in robotic vocals and interestingly written lyrics. The song begins with a dark wash of sound and high, computer-like notes playing a moving pattern open the song.

The voices of the band are also robotized and high as they move through the track. There’s something ethereal and wandering about the synth sounds as they flow through the song. The chorus has a catchy element to it as high metallic sounds echo through the music. The wandering drift of computerized sound keeps moving before it breaks to high shimmering chimes before the pulse of drums and bass comes in again.

I found the story in this song quite affecting as a son looks back on a father he didn’t really know and finally understands why the man was so secretive. The narrator’s first lines show a revelation as he says, “I never knew when he was alive, all the things he had to do to survive, all the secrets that he kept inside, all the pain that he tried so very hard to hide.”

Our narrator talks of a trip to Bletchley Park to see where codebreakers “used to work in the dark” and finding it odd when his father said it hadn’t changed. The chorus shows the narrator realizing the reason that “he never laughed, he never cried, he never talked.”

There’s a sense of loss and love that comes from the lines, “The things he did never cease to amaze me, I dearly miss the spy who raised me.” He concludes by saying that he was, “always alert and always quizzical…undercover and always standing tall.”

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