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Synth Single Review: "The Ruckus" by Schimanski

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


The Ruckus by Schimanski is a solid slice of funky synth music. It has a cool groove, great sounding brass-like melody line and some very tasty percussion touches that add to the overall feel of the music. This single also showcases Schimanski’s versatile ability to use synths, adding a wide range of musical expression and different sonic textures to the track.

The track starts off with a thick wedge of brass, jumping drums and a deep electric bass line that starts to groove right of the bat. There’s nice movement to the electric bass as string-like sounds rise under it. I like the jazzy horns that kick in while the drums and bass sit in the pocket and groove hard.

Long, oscillating pulses of deeper synth move outwards, gaining power as they go. Again the strings swell and that funky electric bass keeps working underneath as those oscillating, sounds move in. I am drawn to the segment in which bright horns call out with a cool little minor synth line “soloing” through with some Latin flair.

Now a bright flashing synth line bursts out along with a great Latin percussion solo, complete with bongos to add flair and some aural interest to the proceedings while that bass just grooves hard awhile the horns hit with their own strong pulse.

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