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Synth Single Review: "The Rise of Corporations" by Synthnami


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Artwork by Synthnami

Artwork by Synthnami

Synthnami’s The Rise of Corporations expresses an ache for a lost past and a sense of growing danger in the future. The track opens with a computerized-sounding lead synth carrying a warm, all encompassing melody that has a wistful ache to it. A guitar with a bluesy tone wanders in a smooth, funky line that unwinds over the smoothness of the steadily pulsing, light drum beat. There’s a jazzy sensibility to the guitar solo that adds an interesting contrast to the music.

A synth with a round feeling and a buzzing edge aches with melancholy. There’s a nostalgia for a different time reflected in it too.There’s a wash of softly gliding mist before the track breaks into a segment with a more shadowy feeling as hard-edged synths growl underneath the flowing air above them. The bass throb oscillates while hissing, whispering sound moves and under it all, the heartbeat of drums goes on. A wave of rising, undulating synth with a minor key feeling and a threatening edge moves over bass depth and fades away into silence.

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