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Synth Single Review: "The Return From Exile" by XYLE

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XYLE’s The Return From Exile radiates victorious feelings tinged with melancholy and surging with power. “Cavalcade (Prelude)” starts as darkly triumphant, creaking synth notes pulse along with throbbing bass to create a danger-filled environment. Broken vocal noises and digital sounds move before jumping synth throbs as slap bass comes in.

A reverent choir calls out as gleaming, raised synths flash in and a resonant string section carry a majestic melody out over the slap bass and guiding drums. Bass throbs as the string section imbues the track with energy, the melody becoming more propulsive, while retaining a sweeping and noble sound.

Growling, void deep bass grits into the music as a worshipful choir chants to open “The Return From Exile.” Active slap bass pops into the track below the grating, razor-edged synth pattern that moves through the music. Hollow synth and strange vocal sounds shift as expanding, undulating synth cuts in.

Chanting voices and glowing synths flow along, creating a hallowed sound. Now acoustic guitar strums, adding a shining feeling as the bass moves. Reverberant strings call out, adding a pained and tender emotional quality over the bass depth. Medium-high, sharp-edged synth carries a melody full of hope and yearning as it reaches through the music and the drums burst.

Propulsive low sounds pulse while wide drums shape the music. Gleaming lead synth carries a melody with a sense of progress and new life as it soars above the drums and the bass. Melancholy pours from the string section as solid bass underpins it. The guitar strums occasionally, adding brightness, before the emotive strings weave their aching sensation

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