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Synth Single Review: "The Photographer" by Maxx Silver and Kiffie

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Maxx Silver and Kiffie's The Photographer explores memory, healing and hope. Diffuse, gruff sounds form a pulse that is joined by dark piano chords slowly rocking back and forth below Kiffie’s hurting, airy vocals. Shadowy piano chords move as Kiffie’s deeply expressive voice carries a chorus tinged with hope and loss.

A tenderly touching piano melody drifts as powerful, bright chords contrast with its melancholy. Pain mingles with yearning as string-like synth shines like gossamer threads while piano chords add layers of emotion. Now a trumpet carries a majestic, hopeful, slightly hurting melody above ticking percussion and bass guidance. The strings have a vibrant, enfolding richness while the trumpet adds extra depth of feeling. Elegiac notes bring an end to the song.

This song’s narrator speaks about a photo taken and the way the light falls “brings memories that had a man broken.” He goes on to talk about a soul being prepared in a “stitch-up operation” in which pain runs free and “dominates imagination.”

He says that he was once wounded, but is healing as he photographs “this beautiful land.” He was once “suffocated” but can breathe again. He simply says that he’s the photographer and asks that his hand be taken.

Our storyteller will “check (the) light meter” and wait for the “interval time lapse” as he checks the internal collapse. He says that he doesn’t “do digital” as film is chemical. He’s looking for “biological exposure, internal composure.”

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