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Synth Single Review: "The Night Has Come" by Kirena Michan and Mister Myr

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Single artwork for "The Night Has Come," by Kirena Michan and Mister Myr

Single artwork for "The Night Has Come," by Kirena Michan and Mister Myr

We live in a world that veers darkness and light, failure and success. There seem to be dark days ahead, but something in people still seems to seek the light. These complex contrasts are explored on Kirena Michan and Mister Myr’s single, "The Night Has Come."

The first comment I’ll make about "The Night Has Come" is that Kirena’s voice can be gentle and soothing or it can climb to the heights and deliver lyrics with a punch. The production of the track has done a good job of emphasizing her voice’s qualities nicely and letting them sit well in the mix.

Mister Myr brings his guitar skills to the track and uses them in a fairly subtle, effective way as support, but he also has some howling, soaring solos that add another level of musical interest and energy to the proceedings and help really cement "The Night Has Come" and its sound.

The way in which the shining synths, the wailing guitar, Kirena Michan and Mister Myr’s voices and the rhythm and bass elements all intertwine and interlink is quite interesting. The track isn’t overly dense but it does have a sonic richness that keeps the ear interesting.

The same contrast between light and dark is also present in the lyrics of this single. Kirena Michan sings of the melancholy of being “trapped in the dust” and missing the sky. She croons, “Past beauty seems like a dream we’ll never find. We can’t return, there’s no way back.” The sound may caress but the lyrics deliver a strong dose of reality.

There’s a sense of deep defeat in the words, “The game is over, we’ve lost the war. Now we are longing in this darkness for what is gone” and that sense of loss is further cemented by the words, “Peaceful days melting down now the night has come.”

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However all is not completely bleak as KiMi sings, “Someday the rain will return and clean the scars” and reminds us that we just have to hang on and survive until then.

The contrasts that Kirena Michan and Mister Myr have created on this single along with her strong vocal performance and Mister Myr’s musical and guitar chops make for an engaging emotional and musical experience on "The Night Has Come."

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