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Synth Single Review: "The Divide" by SynthPrincipal

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


SynthPrincipal’s The Divide combines surging percussive power and shining synths to create a layered and dynamic piece of music. A deep, angular bass line fills the lower end of the track in a bursting throb as the broad drums also smack into the music. Repeating, bright synth carries an aspirational, leaping melodic pattern that is driven by the jumping drums.

The track moves to a section with varied and unique percussion while tight, elevated sounds wriggle. A buzzing rising synth zips upwards and the pumping drum pulse is joined by a dynamic, wide-sounding synth. Piano-like synth carries a wandering melody before the music charges into a segment with hard-edged, surging energy. The repeating, flying lead melody sings out on glowing synths and the pulsating drum and bass throb drives forward.

Elevated, oscillating arpeggios spin and low bass ripples out below the darker melodic pulse. The bluesy piano sings and the drums softly tick. The track leaps forward again, pushed on by the drums as the medium-high arpeggios keep spinning and the twisting, zipping synth wriggles. Piano floats out and the jumping, energetic synth melody returns. The track moves into an 8-bit segment with a slightly pained melody before ending.

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