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Synth Single Review: "The Devil In Me" by Elyxir & Connör

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Elyxir & Connör’s The Devil In Me is an expression of rage-filled, dangerous desire. Flashing, gleaming chimes leap into the music in a burst along with the sharp, clean electric guitar and Elyxir’s energized, expressive vocals. The powerful drum drive is slashed into by Connör’s bluesy, rocking guitar and the whole track surges with retro fun.

Elyxir gets right into the fun as she embraces the lyrics and belts them out. Through it all, Connör's guitar leaps and twists. The spoken word part is a good fit for the overall sensations of the song. Round, metallic chiming synth sings in sunny bursts while the guitar dances in and the massive drums propel the music forward.

Connör’s guitar solo howls and cries, shredding and soaring upward. The active bassline and drum throb keep up the energy levels. Elyxir's voice is alive and emotive while the track charges on. The guitar doubles the exuberant vocal melody and makes for a good ending to the song.

Our narrator addresses the other person, telling them that they’re “just a stranger” and there’s nothing she likes about them, but adds that “we fuel each other and we ain’t got nothing else left to do.” The lyrics contrast the notion of “pillow talk” with being berated through “pent up frustration.” The narrator says she’s not going to hesitate because “I’m so angry, yet I want you more.”

She admits that the other person bores her when “you hate me and ignore me” but adds that her “scent keeps on crawling back to greet you in the morning.” Her “superstitious” body is warning her but she ignores it because when she “tastes that whiskey on ya breath” it’s like an addictive cigarette.

Our narrator simply points out that the other person brings out “the devil in me and I can’t get enough.” This dangerous desire is subsuming everything else in its favour. She admits that “it’s purely satanic” but they have undeniable chemistry. The narrator talks about how they’re “wreaking havoc” but there’s no harm because “we’re just two broken parts.”

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The other person’s poison is “creepin’ in” and she realizes their relationship is toxic but she still lets it sting. As the song ends, ehe realizes that she’s been corrupted and “I don’t even give a damn.”

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