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Synth Single Review: "The Demon" by Dark Saints

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Dark Saints’ The Demon is full of contrasting light and shadow along with darkly powerful vocals and lyrics. A gruff, hard-hitting synth pulsation joins heavy throbbing drums that move into open space to open the song. EM BE's shadowed vocals climb, full of threat, as the hard-hitting pulse is cut by gently shimmering chime. A delicate, caressing synth melody intertwines with now warmer vocals as the massive drums batter hard into the track. Gruff, deep synth throbs along with the beat.

The vocals are strong and ominous while delicate, chiming synths flicker. The rising, ear-caressing softness contrasts with the darkness that also seethes around it. A creaking line of quickly shifting synth flows in a hypnotic pattern. George Colclough’s guitar moves in, crying out in a flaring voice that soars out over the thick drums, bright as the medium-high synth arpeggiates. The beat is steady and propulsive before it fades out.

The lyrics are shot through with a twisted mixture of pain and acceptance. The narrator bleakly says, “Run away, there’s no escaping now.” He says “open your three eyes then you don’t feel so alone.” He talks about the insidious power of the demon who waits as “she’s burning deep in your bones.”

A sense of being dominated fills the words as the narrator talks about kneeling, shivering in the sun and “defying the light.” He talks of being “resistant to age” and asks if he’s the only one. This demon is “buried inside, alive and waiting for you” so that way you don’t feel so alone. In the end, the narrator says that you are running away from yourself.

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