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Synth Single Review: "The Deal" by Strangerscape

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Strangerscape’s “The Deal” presents two shadowy, ominous remixes that are heavy with feelings of threat and danger.

“The Deal - DJ Magnet Mix” starts off with a drilling, metallic noise that transitions into a repeating, speeding pattern as metallic clanking percussion forms a throbbing, gritty pulse. A glockenspiel repeats a hypnotic pattern as the voice over talking how hell is where we are now comes in. Ancient, choral voices carry a chanting, minor modal melody that feels timeless and powerful. A sitar sketches an intricate melodic pattern as a dark, threatening voice over moves through, twisting and ominous.

Drilling, tapping percussion throbs and the Gregorian chant-like pattern echoes, harking back to times of fear and shadow. The chant continues to weave over the battering, clanging percussion that pops below it. Resonant, medieval chanting roams through the music and the apocalyptic feelings grow as all the voice and musical elements form an intertwining wall that hammers home all the threat and fear in the voices that speak.

The glitchy, distorted and industrial nature of the music is emphasized by the “DJ Purpberry Chopped and Screwed Mix.” Clanking percussion forms a steadily banging pattern as the slowed vocals clot and writhe and the dragging glockenspiel shifts. The whole track seethes heavily and the ancient, minor key vocals sound weightier and more threatening still in this remix.

There’s a great deal more roughness here as the buzzing sitar twists and the dark, voice moves like treacle. Metallic percussion stutters and wriggles and the chanting is demonic feeling. This remix focuses on the dangerous, ominous feeling in the music.

The glockenspiel’s distant light seems smothered by shadow as it rises and the percussion trickles and twists. As the remix ends, all of the horrifying sensations are brought forward in a tide of powerful darkness.

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