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Synth Single Review: "The Dark" by XENNON

Artwork by Travis Wright

Artwork by Travis Wright

XENNON’s single The Dark is a track full of energy and triumphant feelings with soaring synth sounds, a driving beat and a wide variety of musical textures in a relatively short space. It creates an atmosphere that draws me in quickly. A dramatic ’50s vocal sample opens the track as it talks of our capacity as humans not just to create but to destroy.

Quick, hard-hitting drums and a trumpeting, triumphant and energetic synth lead leap into the music carrying an uplifting melody over the heavy drums and driving bass. The beat throbs through the track with a shifting synth energy pulse and there’s a delicate flow sparkling sounds that come in with it.

There’s a faint hiss of soft static as shining arpeggios add a starry glow to the softer air of the synth sounds floating underneath them and the lead begins to grow from quiet to flower and swell into life again. The distinctive, cascading drumbeat leaps into the music and the lead melody cries out with energy as the beat and oscillating bass line moves the track forward.

We break to a metallic synth that moves along with the throbbing beat and there are quick washes of distant trumpeting sound that move and grow, flying into the music in stacked layers of sound before the "A" section returns.

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