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Synth Single Review: "The Channel" by Star Madman

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Star Madman’s The Channel has an unsettling, mystical sensibility as it unfolds. Swirling, open synth notes slowly swell as a gruff bass pulse and ticking percussion all come together. The bass becomes a steady pulse and Star Madman’s voice echoes out into the track’s shadowy spaces. Twisting synth sounds bounce through the music as sharp-edged, shiny notes slice in bursts.

A throbbing drum and bass pulsation adds energy and forward motion to the track. There’s an underlying background tension as quick, metallic notes slide in and Star Madman’s voice echoes out, mysterious and dangerous. The lyrics simply talk about tuning in, turning out and turning up “the channel. Now vibrating bass throbs out and the devious melody floats as xylophone adds a trickling sonic element.

Star Madman’s echoing voice fills the sonic space, adding to the disembodied feeling in the music. There’s a chant-like quality to the vocals as the woodsy xylophone ripples, supported by hypnotic drums and bass as they shape the music. The track fades on ancient percussion and xylophone.

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