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Synth Single Review: "Take Back The Night" by Just Scott

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Just Scott’s Take Back The Night is an empowering synthwave anthem, calling on people to fight against the rising darkness in the world. The song begins as medium-high, gently floating synth glides out above solidly oscillating bass and big retro drums.

Scott Feierstein’s voice is clean and clear, driving with energetic expression as bending synths swirl around the leaping vocal melody. A defiant expression of hope explodes from the uplifting chorus as the drums and bass pulse onward. Bright, slightly distorted synth has a warm quality as it unfurls above charging drums and bass undulation.

The vocals are melancholy and yearning as they carry the melody. The chorus flies, calling out for a new day to dawn as flaring synths glitter while thundering retro drums and throbbing bass push on. Light pours from the gleaming synths as the lyrics call for action against injustice as the vocals soar out, imbued with passion. Inspiration to fight back fills the music as the impassioned vocals fade away.

Our storyteller talks about how, as the sun set “over the valley hills” and the streetlights went dark, it still “felt brighter than day to us” because the city was on fire. He talks about the moon watching “the train wreck” called home and how it can’t look away. He goes on to say that the shooting doesn’t stop and violence is rampant, adding “we’ve lost control, no woman rights, unite!”

In the chorus, the narrator calls on people to take back the night, show their light and “turn those tears into rage and fight.” He urges people not to hide away but to “rise up and take back the night.” He adds that people can’t stand behind the past, adding “if you search, in your soul, we must try.”

Now our storyteller thinks about the time have left, he says that he finds it unbelievable to see how far we’ve progressed and how much regression has also happened. He points out that “from then, till now, the future is learning.”

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The storyteller goes on to say that all of us are trying to be safe in a world where “people fight over covering their faces, for hope” to live life. He concludes that “it’s not a red and blue thing.” He talks about the crises befalling the world from famine to “twenty six million refugees with nowhere to go.”

Everyone is urged to go on by the narrator who reminds us people are counting on us not to turn back now. He adds that we’re running out of time, “see the lights go dark now.” He encourages people to “get off your knees, more than prayer is needed.”

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