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Synth Single Review: "Take A Breath" by The Authoritarian

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


The Authoritarian’s Take A Breath showcases his unique vocal style and thoughtful lyric writing. The song begins with a smooth, reverberating flow of ghostly, full synth. The misty background floats underneath The Authoritarian’s distant, echoing, deep vocals. His voice has a tremulous quality that brims with emotion as the beat’s slightly broken throb is also joined by brighter, metallic percussion.

The sonic background is swirling and indistinct as a chiming instrument sound bursts through the floating, aching vocal melody. The drums are smooth and tick along with ease below the shiver in the vocals. The gliding, cool chimes drift through over the shaping beat as it moves the track forward. There’s an indistinct movement to some of the background sounds that adds to their ethereal qualities.

The song begins as the narrator admits that he can’t stop feeling lonely and wants to “fill it up.” There is a sense of defiance as he says, “We’re not taking it and taking it another day.” There is as sense of insecurity as the narrator points out, “I’m thinking about my accent. You’re just showing me contempt.”

There’s an interesting lyrical parallel as the narrator adds, "If you can’t take the pain, take a breath. People don’t be alone, take a step.” He talks about how he hadn’t “dreamed of this, I never made this wish.” He continues, “I never dreamed it would be this way. I never hoped it would stay.”

The song ends on an upbeat note as the narrator adds, “People come on with me, take a step to a future. We can't make it alone, isolation doesn't suit ya.”

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