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Synth Single Review: "Synthomancer" by Voidstalker


Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Voidstalker’s Synthomancer pays tribute to the sounds of retro gaming and explores a horror-tinged soundscape. The sound of soft rain and a thunderstorm is joined by a flickering, shifting guitar that feels plucked and distant, rippling out textured patterns over a solid, dark bass pulse. The softly touching drums move along with a gentle piano line that spins up before a minor key, shadow-struck melody played on a medium-high synth drifts in. There’s a subtly ominous feeling to the melody. A second twisting, dynamic melodic line wriggles in on a metallic, round-sounding synth before a pattern of angular, minor key notes unfolds.

The synth line feels threatening over the hypnotic pattern below it. A writhing, knotted line of synth and diffuse piano notes move as the track flows on. A raven calls out as the metallic, medium-low synth moves, rising up in a cutting pattern over the steady bass throb and light drums. There’s something classical in the shining synth line that dances out over the supporting beat. The minor key, writhing synth line moves while metallic notes also shift in their own dynamic motion. The track fades out on bass throb and wandering piano notes along with the sound of soft rain falling.

© 2021 Karl Magi

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