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Synth Single Review: "Synthétique" by World Complete

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Artwork for World Complete's new single, "Synthétique"

Artwork for World Complete's new single, "Synthétique"

"Synthétique," by World Complete, delivers a serious dose of retrowave flavour from brash trumpet lines to a beat with serious ‘80s credentials and a funky bassline along with a mood that can’t help but create mental images that take you on a trip to an alternate 1980-something in smooth style.

Smoothness is the overarching feeling delivered by "Synthétique." The whole track feels slick and as crisp and smooth as your best peach pastel suit. All of the musical elements to the track flow along with each and the end result is quite relaxing, despite the relatively high energy feeling of the synths and percussion on the track.

I also want to highlight the funky trumpet sound that World Complete used on "Synthétique." It has an energizing, uplifting feeling and comes in at the right points to give a boost to the other elements of the track. I also like the way it evokes ‘80s emotions or sensations without being too derivative or clichéd.

The high dancing synths on this track are full of light. There’s a jazzy feeling to the main melody of the track as it glides through the other sonic elements, creating some cool harmonies when it interacts with the trumpet lines. There were times that "Synthetique" made me think of some of the smooth jazz that was produced in the ‘80s.

The bassline on this single also is interesting. It has a smooth depth to it and I like how it moves through the track, adding to the way that the other elements of it slide and glide over it. The percussion has a light touch and serves to keep all of the different parts of the track moving along like silk.

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Creating mental images is what I want music to do for me and "Synthétique" definitely does that. I got sort of a cool night drive vibe off of the track as I pictured a white BMW 3 series convertible in warm wind, driving through the Florida night as the strains of this song drifted back across the tropical water. World Complete created a great slice of retrowave with this track and it was fun to listen to it!

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