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Synth Single Review: "Survive" by Beautiful Machines

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Beautiful Machines’ Survive is a song full of surging energy and a message about struggling to make it through. The song opens as airy, mingled voices move over the drum and bass weight that cascades and pulses.

The lead singer’s powerful, emotive voice carries the sweeping power of the vocal melody while the steady heartbeat of bass and drums throbs on. The song flows into a segment in which fragile synth spins into the echoing airiness of the sonic space. The lead singer has surging power and deep expression in his voice as the vocal melody exudes perseverance and grit.

A digital-sounding cascade falls and the growling guitar's sharper edge cuts in as the never ending bass and drum throb continues. The sheer emotional power of the vocals rises and the guitar cries out, expressing hope and struggle. The vocalist lets rip with emotive power before the guitar calls out and fades into silence.

Our narrator speaks about knowing what it’s like to be searching for a “real life” while being “trapped in your headspace, fed lies.” He adds that he knows what it takes to survive and talks about his kinship to the other person in the song.

The narrator goes on to say that he wants to “feel this moment” where they’ll be “like water” i.e. flowing and free. He adds that he wants a situation in which they “have eyes” to see clearly and “we’re left to our own devices.” Our narrator invites the other person to “come with me tonight” as they are lost “here in the neon lights” together and adds, “I want to love you tonight.”

A question about if the other person feels “safe inside” is posed by the narrator. He wonders if the other person will recognize that fact. As the song ends, he says “Rage against the dying light. We won’t go gently into the night!”

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