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Synth Single Review: "Sundown" by Russell Nash

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.

Cover art by Synth Principal

Cover art by Synth Principal

Russell Nash’s Sundown begins as dynamically leaping, gruff bass and slowly descending, minor key synth with a taut feeling are given shape by rapidly rushing snare drum and hard-hitting kick drum. The energetically flashing, minor key notes have an urgent and threatening feeling pouring from them. Gleaming, leaping synth with a twisting edge carries the main melody as hollow percussion pulses, singing out in an hopeful line now.

Angular, minor key notes form a contrast to the relentless drum and bass drive that sends the music rushing onward. Now a secondary melody calls out on glowing, elevated synth. Feelings of victory and happiness radiate from the secondary melody. The drums drop out and the melody flies forth as the drums leap in once more.

The triumphant, heartwarming main melody dances in as charging, guitar-like chords hit. Medium-high, flickering arpeggios whirl in to add texture. After a burst of rough-edged bass, a minor key but dynamic melodic section comes in. As the song ends the positive, uplifting main melody cries out a final time.

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