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Synth Single Review: "Summer Wave" by Yoru with GeoVoc, NeverMann and Dimi Kaye


Yoru’s Summer Wave is nostalgic, full of dreaming and hopeful feelings along with a tinge of melancholy. The songs also feature the vocal talents of GeoVoc and NeverMann along with Dimi Kaye’s guitar playing.

“Summer’s Day” begins as glittering synths swell in quickly arpeggiating lines and rapid, glowing sonic bursts accent the music. Dimi Kaye’s guitar spirals into the music with strength and warmth. There’s a drum fill before throbbing drums and a quickly intertwining bassline supports GeoVoc’s airy, hopeful vocals. The delicately caressing vocal melody glides and Dimi Kaye’s guitar adds a sharp, clean edge while the rounded synth arpeggios dance.

After another drum fill, the medium-high and heart-warming synth sings an uplifting, inspiring melody. There’s a youthfully dreaming feeling in the main melody as the guitar cries out, arcing upward in a yearning line. Now the guitar spins out arpeggios with a gruff edge. GeoVoc’s voice is breathy and expressive, carrying the gentle vocal melody while the kick drum pulses and the snare flourishes.

Again the lead synth melody is carried on a resonant tide, deep with feelings of hope as it leaps over the throbbing drums and bass. Dimi Kaye’s guitar solo is dynamic and full of life, dancing out as it brims over with encouraging emotion before the song ends.

The song's narrator looks back on youthful days as he talks about creating “imaginary battlefields, long adventures and fairytales” in our minds as children. He describes discovering “bit galaxies” in video games as “young lover’s dreams” grow.

Our narrator calls on us to “let us breathe” whatever we can see in our hearts. He encourages us to “find our way like a summer day” and allow our souls to float away on “ocean's waves.” The storyteller pants out that we all age the same but that we ought to “live young while it’s still today."

Dynamically charging drums, lush bass and charging guitar open the track along with a flaring chime sound to commence “Halmstad.” The lead synth melody frolics in, bursting with summery life and warmth, before NeverMann’s iconic, evocative vocals fill the song. The vocal melody is full to the top with hopeful, uplifting energy and the guitar chugs on along with the throbbing drums and bass.

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Synths leap up and pour out feelings of dreaming, yearning and summer joy. Dimi Kaye’s guitar calls out in rich tones that lift the music further and NeverMann’s voice soars, intensely emotive as quick, digital-sounding arpeggios flicker. After a massive retro drum fill, the vocal melody swells with vivacity and an airy flow shifts over the dense bass. NeverMann fills his strong voice with hope and Dimi Kaye plays a bluesy solo that fits the emotion of the song, full of expectation and potential before the song ends.

Our storyteller talks about how he and his friends walk through town at the end of a busy week and “watch the girls getting ready for what's about to go down.” He and his group of friends are “here for you today” in early May before the “boys of summer” arrive to lure the girls; hearts away. He adds that “they can never do you no wrong” and they've got the girls’ phone numbers along with cars and “a smile that’s shining all summer long.”

Soon one of the “boys of summer” will play one last song, take his guitars home and “leave you all alone.” Our narrator points out that the local boys are “the ones who stay” and won’t stray. As the nights cool down, the “pick up lines are old”and the “heroes” will be going home. By September, the summer sun has faded but “you’re welcome in our arms…we will never leave your side."

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