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Synth Single Review: "Streets of Thunder" by L'Avenue

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


L’Avenue’s Streets Of Thunder is a cinematic, richly interlocking synth journey which creates strong imagery. Rain steadily falls as a slowly revolving, shining arpeggio spins into the music and distant chimes flicker in a gentle line. Thick bass growls far below the gently turning arpeggio and a wandering, medium-low synth line.

Unevenly pulsing bass and drums quickly coalesce into a propulsive beat as a dreamy, easily gliding melody sails out on a medium high, crystalline shining synth. Tenebrous bass moves while the gigantic drums hit hard. A volleying sound sweeps from left to right while a pipe instrument bounces in a textural pattern with a worried feeling. Sharp-edged notes adds more power and drifting bass glides, along with vocal sounding synths.

A slowly shifting, medium-high note pattern is joined by bell-like tolling and a metallic, pipe-like synth plays a shadowy, dynamic melody. Powerful bursts of thundering, Stygian sound cut in below delicate, metallic pipes carrying tremulous notes. The lead synth wanders and cascades darkly in a melodic line shrouded in darkness as the drums batter and we fade out.

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