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Synth Single Review: "Step Up" by Sub Neon


Sub Neon’s Step Up combines power, drama and layered synth sounds into a detailed sonic image. Choral synth creates a reverent feeling as solid bass pulses, elevated digital sounds echo out and massive drums add shape. Brightly glowing, flaring synth leaps out in dramatic, tense motion above hard-hitting drums as rounded, driving bass pushes on.

A brassy lead synth adds intense shine while bass growls below gigantic drums. Glowing, brittle lead synth moves above dense synth walls that snarl as drums burst There’s a fidgety quality in the rapidly shifting main synth as it flickers out above the grit and weight underneath it.

The main melody roams above heaving bass and shaping drums in twisting block. Sparkling, starry sounds fly out above the pounding drums. The nasal-sounding lead synth becomes pained and smoother, losing some of its troubled feeling. As the track ends, the main melody returns to a nervously wandering pattern as silence falls.

© 2023 Karl Magi

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