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Synth Single Review: "Stellar" by Fizzy Mitz

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.

Fizzy Mitz’s Stellar has richness and depth to it, contrasting flow and shine with a thick well of drums and pulsing bass. The single opens with shiny washes of synth notes that flow out into the deep well of sound around them. The drums are full and solid as they add a real weight and heft under the lighter, brighter elements which flicker and shimmer like starlight.

Rising waves of glowing notes come floating and fluttering into the track as we break into wide open air and flashes of synth that glisten as the rich, smooth bass and drums add a strong support to music.

There’s a feeling of forward motion while all of the layers of shimmer and twinkle shift and intertwine over the top. This track isn’t melodic but that is compensated for by its atmospheric nature and the evocation of star shine.

The production quality of Stellar stands out for me. It has a real fullness in the ears and a nice balance to it as every sonic element is well defined and no single musical feature is dominant. The high production quality only contributes to the flow and glow of the music here.

Fizzy Mitz’s music on Stellar has a strong ability to conjure up a feeling of shimmer and glow over depth and weight that supports those sensations. I’ll be interested to see what other music Fizzy Mitz is going to create in the future.

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