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Synth Single Review: "Stay Asleep" by Finally Some Action

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Stay Asleep, by Finally Some Action, starts out as a ghostly, song touched by melancholy and full of drifting, ethereal synth sounds and slow waves of percussion that move through the music. There’s a sense of dreaminess about it that reflects the song’s title well.

Single Review for "Stay Asleep"

One of the most compelling parts of this song is the soaring and expressive voice of Nalini Proctor. Her singing adds emotional depth to the lyrics and is rich and strong on top of it all. The quality of that performance makes the song in my view.

This song also contains one of the most well done sax solos I’ve heard in a synth song recently. It’s full of deep emotion, the soloist has some serious chops that add a virtuosic touch to the song.

The accents of shiny synth bursts and the sudden acceleration that happens after the sax solo add interest and variety to the music that helps support the strong vocals of Nalini Proctor. The way the beat punches out after the solo propel the song nicely toward the conclusion.

There’s a quality of mystery about the lyrics to this song. There’s something ominous in the words, “Wake up, they’re all about you, all around you, out to get you.” We don’t know who “they” are and there’s danger in them. As the words say, “Put on your shades and open your eyes, battle in the alley while children cry.” The kicker in all of it is the line, “We can’t be the only ones who can see, they live while we sleep.”

There’s also a rather enigmatic idea presented by the lines, “Consumed, nothing’s flawed in the control room. This is your god, put on your shades and open your eyes…” What precisely is the control room here and who, indeed, is the particular god to which the lyrics refer?

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Stay Asleep showcases the balance between Finally Some Action’s ability to write atmospheric synthscapes, their strong lyric writing skills and the riveting voice of Nalini Proctor. This is a track that feels deep, thoughtfully considered and finely constructed. I thoroughly enjoyed my listen to it.

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