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Synth Single Review: "Stars Shine Bright" by Syst3m Glitch and Van Derand

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Syst3m Glitch and Van Derand's Stars Shine Bright opens with a wash of glowing, shining synth sounds that are soon joined by an energetic beat. Another synth with a string-like quality skips along in a bright melody and the vocals, full of emotion and warmth, move over Matthew Overman's dreaming guitar.

All of the synths ripple and dance and the vocal melody has a caressing quality to it. The song breaks into a flow of Syst3m Glitch's strong, rising vocals and rich guitar as quick flickers of bright synth shift. There’s emotional strength in Syst3m Glitch's vocals while the guitar moves in warm patterns over the beat.

Hope and a feeling of a positive future relationship fills this song. As it begins, the narrator observes that “out here ain't nothin' like the way that the stars shine bright tonight.”

He talks about having no fear as “we're passin' through the rays of another world's sunlight” because “we’re past the point of no return.” There’s a hopeful energy as he adds, “ I know we'll make it there in time.”

Our narrator knows that the other person has some questions and so he says “let the stars shine bright tonight. Tell me all that's on your mind.” He wants to know every dream and fear the other person has.

A romantic feeling pervades the lyrics in the lines, “The galaxy's reflecting in your eyes. Let the stars shine bright.” He concludes, “I know we'll make it there in time I see the questions in your eyes, so let the stars shine bright tonight.”

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