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Synth Single Review: "Starfalls" by eLxAr & Liquid Modern

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eLxAr and Liquid Modern's Starfalls commences as rippling bass throbs out into open space and a star-like synth twinkles through delicately. A rising wind sweeps into the music as Liquid Modern's singer Kojette's dreaming voice gently carries the lyrics above the oscillating bass. The vocal melody is fragile, softly touching and wistful.

The drums add shape over the dense bass oscillation and airy sonic sweeps move through the music. Kojette has a tender delivery that enhances the music’s drifting feeling as the bass guides the song onward. The drums pick up speed to add motion below misty sonic whorls. Sparkling chimes flicker and a fluting synth carries a flowing note pattern.

Kojette’s voice feels lost and a little sad here. After a harp arpeggio, the vocals soar with more uplifting feeling. Shining, higher notes call out and underneath it all, the drum and bass heartbeat propels the music. The song reaches a crescendo and slowly fades on throbbing bass and the wandering vocal melody.

This song is full to overflowing with deep affection and love. Our narrator paints an image of watching the “ocean horizon” at sunset as its colours “turn your eyes on.” She goes on to talk about how “the stars shoot by” as they walk together “light as a feather.”

The narrator talks about the experience of “heartbeats (and) sunsets” as their feet touch the sand, walking hand in hand as they dance “into our universe.” There are “two souls, one song” as they watch the Earth turning past them.

Now our storyteller sees her beloved in the distance and as they get closer, she feels “butterflies as I think about our romance.” They have “million star eyes” as they gaze at one another and dance “between our love here.”

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The narrator sees “the meaning of life” as she looks at the other person. As she sees a shooting star, she makes a wish and the other person appears in the distance again. She casts her mind back and says “I feel our beating hearts in dust” as the “line of brilliant stars” becomes two lines.

As the song ends, our storyteller talks about seeing the motions of “time and trust” that stretches in and out, into something new.”

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