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Synth Single Review: "Starbright" by Powerkørd

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Powerkørd’s Starbright single begins with oscillating, slightly broken mid-range synth that’s joined by deeper, flowing bass sounds and a steady kick drum. The track grows as rising, reaching waves of interlaced synths with a strong bouncing pulse to them move through the music and a drifting, questing lead synth line with a minor key tinge of melancholy glides through the track with ease.

There’s a phasing lead synth that comes in to expand and contract through the music while other layers of sound underneath it a rich resonance. There is an ethereal celestial quality that is contrasted with a harder-edged synth that slices into the music. The weight and depth of the track grows with a deep flow of bass sound under the lead synth before it fades out.

Starbright is permeated with a sacred, mystical atmosphere that fits the theme of the track. It creates feelings of starry light and has a depth and fullness that is contributed by all of the different interlocking musical elements. Even in the space of this single, there’s a story being told so it should be interesting to hear this adventure unfold in the future releases from Powerkørd.

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