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Synth Single Review: "Spirits Of The Dead" by Lethave Plank

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Lethave Plank’s Spirits of the Dead is a layered, haunted synth journey. It begins with harsh clanking, banging metallic sounds and void-deep bass. Those metallic sounds transform into a quickly shifting pattern while long, gliding synth chords slide behind the jangling, banging sounds. A descending, ominous synth line swims in the shadows while higher, cosmically delicate synths glide. A slowly moving, nasal synth undulates in an arpeggiating line that cascades above the extending, minor key synth chords.

The arpeggiating line adds an uncertain, hovering quality to the track while the extended chords are ethereal and haunted. A robotic voice creates an unsettled, inhuman feeling in the music and the quick, brassy synth rises and calls out in bright notes that flutter as the extending, wandering chords drift through. Nasal, shining synth adds quick accents as it floats in and out, below the minor key chords that add shadings of loss. Elevated, sparkling synth sounds flicker and fade while in the background, the metal noises bang and clang, adding another layer of unsettled sound.

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