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Synth Single Review: "Spearmint Skies" by Forever Electric

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Forever Electric’s Spearmint Skies shimmers and glows over an energizing drumbeat. The track swirls into life with an airy rush of sound and warm synth notes drifting out with a brassy sound. Massive retro drum sounds throb into the music as the gentle chords are carried on a medium-high, slightly distorted synth as bright, broad trickles of sound descend in shining lines. The percussion throbs and surges underneath a twirling, digital-sounding synth that carries a quickly moving melodic line.

Drifts of warmer sound move in a sunlit pattern through the swirls of easy going synth. A quick, string-like arpeggio trickles through the track with a metallic sound and the brassy chords shift. There’s a return to the cascading “A” section over the hard hitting drums that pulse in a pattern that shapes the track. Shimmering, flowing synth and the smooth drumbeat move underneath the drifting synths that wriggle into the open space of the track.

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